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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should consider Rolfing Structural Integration?

Rolfing is for every ‘Body’ who seeks to enhance their overall body condition and functionality.

For those who are looking to feel more “At Home” in their body through the process of restoring flexibility, increased balance, revitalized energy and greater ease of movement.

Rolfing helps to create a more comfortable and intimate relationship with the body, thereby contributing to the attainment of a higher level of emotional wellbeing.

Does Rolfing hurt?

The intensity experienced during the Rolfing process is transitory, moving quickly from brief intensity to a decrease in sensation and finally to an easing of long-standing embodied holdings which can prove to be profound and transformative.

In order for change to take place in the body-mind, the Rolfing practitioner invites you to move beyond your comfort zone, to discover your edge, a threshold of expansion, to enter a portal of new and greater capacity. In this role, the Rolfer becomes the ‘Midwife’ of your greater potential.

What is the Rolfing Ten Series?

Rolfing Structural Integration is experienced through a series of sessions, each focusing on freeing restrictions or holdings in specific areas of the body.

The goal of the ten series is to systematically balance and optimize both the structure (shape) and function (movement) of the entire body. 

Integration is emphasized throughout the series, each session building on the last with a view of creating smooth movement and natural coordination.

Does Rolfing Structural Integration relieve stress?

The focus of my Rolfing is to bring greater ease to the body and the psyche. The body when balanced experiences more comfort and ease in the gravitational field. There is a pronounced decrease in embodied tension which allows for emotional stress to diminish.

What should I wear?

Men should wear sports shorts.

Women should wear Yoga attire or sports shorts and bra. Clothing that allows access to tissues.

What about the Emotional and Psychological effects of Rolfing?

It is impossible to touch the physical body without touching the emotional body.

The process of Rolfing may evoke repressed memories or experiences that arise.

The Rolfing container provides a safe environment for the expression of such emotion, focusing to integrate the experience into the physical and emotional body in a way that promotes maximum resolution and minimal trauma to the system.